Professional Development Nights

Break into Cybersecurity: Plan for a Safer 2018

November 16, 2017 -- An overview of CyberSecurity to DMV area professionals. We want to knowledge-share between education and career training (William McBorrough) and private consulting (BTG – Keith and Linwood) to see what we can do to prepare ourselves for this new virtual world where thousands of cybersecurity jobs in the DMV that are going unfilled due to lack to qualified, trained security professionals.

In this new world where vulnerabilities are being found in many companies every day, successful best practices of industry will be shared as well.

Afternote: We had a great turnout on what was to be a fantastic event! Thank you to our guest speakers, host, and everyone who came out to learn with us!

Cyber Security Night

Machine Learning and AI Night 101

October 3, 2017 -- See how two Machine Learning Engineers (Kate and Megan) from Capital One explain this field and how they use AI and ML at work! Machine Learning 101: What is it, when to use it, and cool examples! Bring your questions and your laptops! This Event is organized by Code With Me in collaboration with Capital One! Place, Food and Refreshments are provided by Capital One.

AI and Machine Learning Night

Mock Technical Interview Night and Mixer

September 21, 2017 -- What happens when I send an email? What is the best way to search a book for duplicates? Often we're given these questions on technical interviews. See them answered by domain experts and junior engineers. This Event will have an 1 hr long LIVE Interview of 4 candidates: 2 Senior folks and 2 junior folks. Then there will be plenty of recruiters that will happily mock interview you for REAL jobs. Contacts will be exchanged and real job opportunities will be communicated if they are a good fit. Food, Refreshments, and Location will be provided by KeyW Corporation.

Mock Tech Interview Night

Coding Challenges and How to Approach Them

August 30, 2017 -- We have HireStrategy as a Host! Coding Challenges and Theoretical Software Questions are a big part of the interview. We will have three types of questions asked AND answered: System Design, Whiteboard Coding, In person live coding. Lets make them a big part of our preparation! Pizza and Refreshments will be provided as a courtesy of HireStrategy!

Coding Challenges

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Learn Nights


December 7, 2017 -- Cloud Services, and specifically AWS, are changing the software architecture! We went over EC2, S3, Lambda, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB and more. Prep:

Afternote: Brooks laid it down and got us all way more up to speed on what is going on with, and what the future of AWS land is looking like. This Code With Me event rounded out 2017. We probably had the largest and most diverse turnout to date! Really, thank you very much to everyone who made it out, and especially everyone who then went on to the holiday afterparty, and.. Hung Out With Us!


Machine Learning and AI Night 201

November 30, 2017 -- We looked at how Machine Learning and Neural Networks identify hand-written numbers, and other objects. Now lets learn the basics of Machine Learning and how to use TensorFlow to make our own Neural Networks! Python with the NumPy stack along with other Machine Learning libraries will be covered and much more! Some prep work will be necessary in terms of installation and setup:

Machine Learning 101

Machine Learning AI 201

Introduction to Databases: Mongo DB and NoSQL

November 9, 2017 -- NoSQL? No problem! We continue our database series, escaping the unforgiving chains of relational schemas and exploring the wilds of nested JSON documents. We're going to spell out the "M" in the MEAN stack - MongoDB! We will be using MongoDB and Javascript. Enjoy a short, sweet technical presentation followed by a friendly, stimulating practice session! Find prep information and more at the repo for this event:

Mongo Night with Joel

Angular, With Amy!

November 2, 2017 -- Learn Angular2+ and beyond with Amy Hsieh, Senior Web Developer at The Washington Post! This workshop is an introduction to Angular versions 2 and up, with a demo codebase that you can download and follow along with. We'll walk through the anatomy of the demo project so you can see firsthand how an Angular project is set up, and what the code looks like. Bring your laptop for the fully interactive experience** !

Course materials here:

Generic placeholder image

**May include Pokemon.

JavaScript Learn Night

October 5, 2017 -- JavaScript is one of the three CORE technologies in World Wide Web content production. Let's learn why! Presentation on JS and its attributes. Technical Demo and Practice followed up with a discussion of materials learned. Learning materials for this night can be found here:

JavaScript Learn Night

Introduction to Databases

September 14, 2017 -- SQL stands for Structured Query Language. If you ever need to store data - SQL WILL be mentioned as a solution. We will also talk a little bit about NoSQL and MongoDB. Then do a practical example PostGreSQL. Learning material for this night here:

Introduction to Databases

C#/.NET Framework Learn Night

August 8, 2017 -- C# is the core language of the .NET Framework. The "#" notation derives from the musical "#" meaning. Thus Csharp is a "half step" above C. Lets find out why. Intro Tutorial Video:

Java Learn Night

June 28, 2017 -- Basic Itinerary:
6:30-7 Setup and Arrival. Install Eclipse and Java if you haven't already.
7-8 Powerpoint, Overview of Java, Review of Key Concepts
8-9 Practical Coding and Labs.
No worries if you can't bring a laptop - we do pair programming to create a collaborative environment.
Java is an industry leading language. Lets find out why!

JAVA Learn Night

Python Learn Night

May 25, 2017 -- Check out the video to the right, and come to this with the video watched. We will discuss the video, merits of Python and go over some exercises and basics. Also if you know and have used Python extensively at work - please message me! Help me plan a more successful meetup! Thanks and as always - Anyone is welcome! We're all students learning something!

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Practice Nights

JavaScript Practice Night with jQuery

October 17, 2017 -- We ran through how to build a simple game in vanilla JS and how to use jQuery. Learning materials for the project and night can be found here: CWM JS Practice Night

JS and jQuery Night

Model View Controller (MVC) Night

August 17, 2017 -- Work on the MVC Framework and implement it in .NET Framework.

Tutorial: An Absolute Beginners Tutorial on ASP.NET MVC

.NET MVC Night

Java Practice Night

July 26, 2017 -- Working on Following Advanced Java Topics: Multithreading, Exception Handling, and if time persists - Data Structures.
Minimum for this class: Review the following concepts as shown in the Animal Kingdom Java Example (From Learn Night): Objects, Classes, Methods, OOP Basics, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Overriding, and Interfaces.


The .java files all explain these concepts.

Java Practice Night

Python Practice Night

June 1, 2017 -- Second Round! This time we will work on Medium to Hard Challenges. Also plan to look into libraries and using packages.

Pre-Reqs: Watch this video in full and have PyCharm installed.

Prep: Simple Tutorial on NumPy!

Python Build Night

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Build Nights

JavaScript Build Night with Express.JS and Node.JS

October 24, 2017 -- Express and Node are critical parts of the MEAN Stack. Find out why! A current version of Node.JS needs to be installed, and a repo with the night's learning materials can be found here:

Node and Express Night

C#/.NET Framework Practice and Build Night

August 24, 2017 -- This will be a simple Web Form Poll App that we will design. Only pre-requirements: Visual Studio Community with .NET Framework and C#, and Web App packages installed.

C# and .NET Night

Java Build Night

August 3, 2017 -- Our first JAVA Build Night. Structure as follows:
7:10-7:20 TEKSYSTEMS presents Java Opportunities
7:25-8:25 Servlet and Website Presentation and Technical
8:30-9 Open Lab and Discussion.
Java Servlets and Front End Integration.
Based on a lab living in a GitHub repo here: Code With Me - Java Build Night

JAVA Build Night

Python Build Night

June 22, 2017 -- In this meetup we will look into more of the data science challenges of Python culminating in a group data science project.

Python Build Night